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    Facebook Fan Page FINAL Release!

    With this FINAL release, you must have a pre-existing AND pre-approved Facebook App ID and Access Token. Until further notice Facebook is not approving any new or pre-existing Apps;

    Facebook API Issue

    This has nothing to do with the functionality of Facebook Fan Page as it is currently coded (as evident to the demo below) and everything to do with Facebook not wanting you to display PUBLIC access Facebook fan pages because they can't force their ad revenue (Sponsors) into this extension feed! Facebook Fan Page was never designed to do anything but allow you to render a PUBLIC fan page feed onto your Joomla! site. Nothing more! With the ever changing Facebook API landscape and the poor decisions they allowed themselves to make, hearing Mark Z say 'I'm sorry' just does not cut it!

    Please, if your Facebook Fan Page 'App ID' and 'Access Token' is working, GREAT! You can continue to use this extension worry free. Everyone else wishing to use Facebook Fan Page within their Joomla! website, it just can't happen under the current Facebook API restrictions.


    ApprovalTo see if your Facebook 'App ID' or 'Access Token' will work with Facebook Fan Page, look at your registered Apps. If both entries are not GREEN, that registered App will not work until approved by Facebook. Since Facebook is not approving Apps at this time, you're stuck! This is a Facebook policy and has noting to do with the Facebook Fan Page extension or it's code.

    When Facebook Fan Page was introduced to the Joomla! community it met and/or exceeded every API requirement set by Facebook. Over the course of time Facebook has put restrictions upon restructions into their API's making it almost impossable for YOU to share YOUR Facebook data on YOUR website.