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    NEW UPGRADE v1.6.7-PRO

    Bug fix for Firefox mobile app & lightbox code error.

    The Instagram feature has reached it's END-OF-LIFE cycle. With the change in Instagram's API requirements, this feature of GalleryAholic will no longer continue being developed. If you have a working Instagram API, it too will reach an End-of-Life! (Click for details).

    New from GraphicAholic, GalleryAholic for Joomla 3.x. Create stunning eye catching photo or image galleries in a simple and easy way that does not require an advanced degree in Computer Science to use! GalleryAholic allows you to render your photos from a Joomla images folder, Joomla Category, Flickr or Google+. Each gallery you create can be as unique as your imagination offering custom styling and layout options ranging from a Pinterest® to Windows®8 likeness layout with a twist. Gone are the days where your photo gallery has only a few styling or layout features. Gone are the days where you have to pay a developer to custom style your gallery. Gone are the days where a professional Joomla photo gallery extension has a price tag. With GalleryAholic you are in total control of your photo galleries and pocketbook!

    Sounds too good to be true... just check out the demo below or select from the different GalleryAholic demos in the main menu above and experience just how unique each are.

    GalleryAholic is FREE to use and EASY to set-up by following the module options. GalleryAholic uses the power of the jQuery Library Script, a super light weight supporting jQuery script (BlockSit) as its backbone. From here, the rest is left up to your imagination and gallery demands!

    PLEASE NOTE: The Flickr render feed currently does not function when using a 'localhost' client like XAMP, WAMPP, MAMP, etc. Move it to your website host server and all will be good.

    GalleryAholic has been tested to be compatible with IE9+, FireFox, Chrome and Safari browsers along with iPad, Android tablets & smartphones. It uses the jQuery ‘no-conflict’ mode allowing you to have as many GalleryAholic modules on a single Joomla page as you need while still playing nice with other jQuery or Java scripts.

    Don't forget to download the REVISED (as of 02-12-2019) PDF documentations (also FREE). All the features/options with 'pictures' for GalleryAholic can be found within this file.

    If you enjoy using GalleryAholic, post your review and rating on JED. It's the only payment I accept!

    GalleryAholic by GraphicAholic is a licensed GPL module for Joomla. You are encouraged to use, enjoy and modify the code however you wish. GalleryAholic has been tested on both production and non-production Joomla! installs and has been deemed stable. It is another 'FREE' Joomla extension from GraphicAholic.
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    GalleryAholic gets another 100% 'Great module, good support'@Joomla_JED#Joomla review & rating ( Thanks ziv stamper

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    GalleryAholic received a 100% Functionality: Work like a charm! rating and review ( on Joomla Extension Directory. GalleryAholic is still 100% FREE to download with 100% FREE support. Thanks daniele


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    GalleryAholic "One of the best Joomla image galleries I have ever used!" #Joomla! #galleryaholic #graphicaholic JED review ( Thanks Gianpaolo Capuzzo!

  • GalleryAholic v1.6.7-PRO upgrade

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    GalleryAholic v1.6.7-PRO upgrade available to download & install. This is a Firefox mobile & lightbox code error fix. Upgrade highly recommended because it's still 100% FREE!

  • Using Google Photos within Responsive Photo Gallery and GalleryAholic

    1. Upload photos to your Google Photo account. Once completed go to your Google+ account.
    2. Click onto the ‘What’s new to you?’ box.
    3. Type in a gallery title in the pop-up ‘What’s new to you?’ and click onto the camera icon.
    4. Pick & choose what Google Photos you wish to add into this gallery and click onto ‘DONE’.
    5. Click the ‘POST’ button. This will post this gallery onto your Google+ timeline.
    6. Now, once you see this post on your timeline, click onto any of that galleries photo. This will display that selected photo on your screen. Up in your browser address bar will be the URL containing your Google+ Username/Number (right after photos/) and the Google+ Album Number (right after albums/).


    Yellow=Google+ User Name/Number
    Turquoise=Album Number

    It’s a fairly simple process and one that I’ll support in Responsive Photo Gallery & GalleryAholic. Why? Because the process of obtaining a Google Photo API and the many settings you need to go through to get your authorize key/secret key code is far more complicated than the above workaround.