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  • Google Calendar Feed Scroller upgraded to v2.1.3

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    Google Calendar Feed Scroller upgraded to v2.1.3 with new features, options and some code housekeeping/bug fixes. Because it's FREE... grab your copy today!

  • InstAholic Plus

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    InstAholic Plus has reached it's END-OF-LIFE cycle. With the change in Instagram's API requirements, this extension will no longer continue being developed. If you have a working Instagram API, it too will reach an End-of-Life! (Click for details)

    InstAholic PLUS is not an upgrade to it's brother InstAholic Lite but a newly designed Instagram username delivery extension for Joomla! There is so much being offered under the hood that regardless of your website design, InstAholic PLUS will fit in nicely. It's using the Masonry display engine that makes it crazy responsive without asking you to lift a finger! It will always look great regardless of what device you are viewing from... 24/7! Getting InstAholic PLUS up and running is as easy as obtaining the correct access code from your Instagram account (Click onto the link "Click for instructions on obtaining your Instagram Access Tokenram Access Token" below and follow the outlined instructions) and paste your Instagram Access Token into the module's option box. You'll want to choose a Module Position that your template supports, assign this module to an active menu, save your settings and you off and running... easy peasy!

    Don't forget to download and read through the PDF Documentations. It will guide you through all the different module settings and options as well as give you a number of Tips & Tricks to make your InstAholic PLUS as unique as your website. InstAholic PLUS is 100% free to download and use across as many Joomla! websites you have. No upsell, no trackbacks, no site registration... just 100% free! However, there is a catch. If you find InstAholic PLUS an amazing addition to your Joomla! website, pass along your personal review and rating. It's the only payment I accept!

    Click for instructions on obtaining your Instagram Access Token

    Scroll down this page to see a working demo displaying my personal Instagram feed. As you continue to scroll down through the images, new images will appear until you get to my very first Instagram post. Yes, InstAholic PLUS can do this because my account was approved by Instagram to be in the 'Live mode'. If you are in the default Instagram 'Sandbox mode', your Instagram feed limit will be 20 of your latest posts. Please, I did not make these rules! If Instagram does not approve your API feed to be in the 'Live mode', take your frustrations out on them... not me, this extension or in your Joomla! review & rating!

    PLEASE NOTE: You can only have ONE (1) published InstAholic Plus install per individual Joomla! page. In addition, it is strongly advised to position InstAholic Plus towards the bottom of your Joomla! page. Especially if you have a lot of Instagram posts. As stated above, as you scroll down the page, InstAholic Plus displays more of your Instagram posts.

  • Perfect For Displaying Facebook Albums

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    Facebook Photo Album gets a 'Perfect For Displaying Facebook Albums' 100% rating & review ( on @joomla @Joomla_JED Thanks Yaani-Mai Gaddy!


  • PopUp Aholic - Works Perfectly

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    PopUp Aholic just received another 100% 'It works perfectly as the dev promised' rating & review on Joomla Extension Directory (JED) ( Thanks Joe!