The answer is both yes, by all means and no, there are already enough to choose from! With these two totally different answers you have to ask, why GalleryAholic?

The primary reason I took the time to develop GalleryAholic can't be summed up with a simple or direct answer. Surely I did not spend countless hours developing GalleryAholic just to challange my coding skills nor did I do it just to see how many cups of coffee I could consume or new curse words I could  learn. As an amateur photographer I'm always searching for a better way to display my photos in a gallery setting. I spend a great deal of time on the business end of my camera lens so I want a Joomla! gallery extension to best represent my time and talent as a photographer. It has not always been as easy as finding an extension (free or commercial), installing it, populating it with my photos and calling it a job well done. Every Joomla! gallery extension I used did what it was programmed to do but none would really do what I wanted them to do. Leaving me asking 'what if...'!

GalleryAholic is the development child of all my 'what if' needs. My biggest 'what if' need was having the flexability in dealing with different photo sizes and orientations. I also wanted a nested responsive grid layout that would allow for photo titles, descriptions, photographer credit and custom styling. At first I toyed with several popular grid based layouts (Masonry, Grid-a-licious, etc.) and had a lot of promise but lacked that all important... ease of us and flexability. As I was searching around the internet I stumbled upon a jQuery script called BlocksIt. The basic programming design of BlocksIt is to create a Pintrest block style gallery layout. After a little tweaking and script revision the core code would allow for altering the overall width of a single photo without effecting the other photos within the gallery layout. Thus creating a 'Feature this photo' option. With additional tweaking and code adjustment it was becomming possible to expand upon this option allowing you to assign differnet 'Rows to Span' values to each photo setting. Thus allowing you to fully customize how each photo was going to get displayed. The long and short of all my trial and errors is the current end product called GalleryAholic. A fully customizable grid based photo/image display vehicle that has very few limitations on how you can display your photo gallery. All the countless hours of programming a Joomla! gallery extension was realized all because of, 'what if'!

So, why does Joomla! need another photo gallery extension? Because I had a need for something different and found the time to make it happen. Lastly, I found having a programming project to work on help me get through some of the cancer treatments I'm having to deal with now. I'm not seeking a pitty party just letting you know that GalleryAholic was born out of a personal photo gallery need that turned out to be very therapeutic!

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