(Joomla 2.5 & 3.x ready)

Change log:
Change log: v1.4.1: Fixed the centering alignment for both the Graphical & CSS Styling effect.
Change log: v1.4.0: Added options to 'Hide labels below numbers', 'Hide line in middle of numbers (CSS Styling option)', 'Labels font size' & 'Labels offset'.
Change log: v1.3.0: Now you can type in your specific langauge for the Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes & Seconds (Thanks to Henrik Z. for review and suggestion).
v1.2.0: General code housekeeping and minor bug fixes when using XAMPP on your localserve install.

CountdownAholic is an option rich countdown module for your Joomla 2.5 or 3.x website. Got an event date, deadline date or special day you what to promote on your website? If so, jazz up your announcement with CountdownAholic! You can customize CountdownAholic to your website's demanding look and feel using any or all of the module options CountdownAholic gives you...

General Settings

  • Styling: Select between CSS Styling or Dark Graphical Display
  • Styling alignment: Select between Center or Left alignment
  • Hide labels below numbers: Yes/No
  • Adjust CSS centering (CSS Styling option): Adjust plus or minus to fine tune CSS centering if Styling alignment is set to Center Align
  • Hide line middle of numbers (CSS Styling option): Yes/No
  • Texting space: Space between countdown text
  • Space between countdown: Spacing between selected countdown grids
  • Type in your own language for the Year, Month, Days, Hours, Minutes & Seconds label
  • Countdown to year: Choose what year you are counting down to
  • Countdown to month: Choose what month you are counting down to
  • Countdown to day: Choose what day you are counting down to
  • Countdown to AM or PM: Choose AM or PM for your countdown to expire
  • Countdown to hour: Enter hour your countdown will expire
  • Countdown to minute: Enter minute your countdown will expire
  • Countdown to second: Enter second your countdown will expire
  • Show countdown starting with: Select Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute or Second
  • Show countdown ending with: Select Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute or Second
  • Countdown width: Enter the width of CountdownAholic
  • Countdown height: Enter the height of CountdownAholic
  • Custom text above: Type in text to show above CountdownAholic (Basic HTML tags supported)
  • Custom text below: Type in text to show below CountdownAholic (Basic HTML tags supported)
  • Redirect URL: Type in an 'absolute' path to redirect to when CountdownAholic reaches zero.

CSS Styling
Use these options to customize your CountdownAholic

  • Numbers font style: Select your numbers font display
  • Numbers font color: Choose what color your countdown numbers will be
  • Background color: Choose what color your countdown numbers background will be
  • Labels font style: Select your labels font display
  • Labels font color: Choose what color your countdown labels will be
  • Labels font size: Adjust to your specific needs
  • Labels offset: Adjust distance between numbers and labels

Advanced Settings (Joomla 2.5 Only)

  • Choose to load the jQuery Library script if it is not already loaded

It's all there within one super light-weight module and the best part of CountdownAholic... IT'S 100% FREE to download, use, abuse and enjoy!

If you want to show CountdownAholic using the graphical effect so it will look GREAT across all devices (Desktop/Laptop, Tablets and Smartphones) CLICK HERE for a how-to tutorial.