1) Getting your Facebook App API codes:
Your first step to get Facebook Fan Page working on your Joomla site is to acquire the needed Facebook API codes (Application ID & App Secret ID). Please follow this step-by-step tutorial. Once you obtain these two Facebook codes, copy & paste your Application ID code into the proper module setting field under the 'Required Settings' module tab. Now click onto the 'Select Facebook ID Option' dropdown and select, Use App Secret ID. Copy & paste your Facebook App Secret ID into the provided field and save your module settings. The only other required setting you need to populate is the 'Facebook Fanpage URL name' field. Please note... all you need is the Fan Page name not the entire Facebook browser URL (example: The entire Facebook browser URL for Joomla's Facebook Fan Page is, https://www.facebook.com/joomla. For this module field all you need to enter is, joomla).

2) Securing your Facebook App API codes:
The conventional wisdom when creating your Facebook Fan Page Application ID & App Secret ID is, you are doing so for a 'Public Fanpage' and thus hackers really can't do much of anything with this data. However, Facebook does allow you to generate an Access Token ID via their 'Client OAuth Login'. By obtaining this Access Token ID you are making your connection to a Facebook Fanpage as secure as Facebook currently support. To get your Access Token ID please follow this step-by-step tutorial. Once you have acquired your Access Token ID, copy the 'Permanent Access Token' and within the module Required Settings click onto the 'Select Facebook ID Option' dropdown and select, Use Access Token ID. Paste your Permanent Access Token code into the provided field and save your module settings. Using this feature/option you are not exposing the App Secret ID code within your Joomla website source code. Please read through the instructions carefully because you have two options in obtaining your Access Token ID from Facebook.
Option #1 is to download the provided ZIP package and host this application on your own server (recommended). You will need to have this package residing on the domain server (Site URL) you registered your Facebook App API code.
Option #2 is to temporarliy set your 'Site URL' within your registered Facebook App to "https://graphicaholic.com/" and use the script hosted here. Once you receive your Access Token ID you will want to reset your registered Facebook App 'Site URL' back to it's original registered URL.

Sorry if the above required options seems like you have to jump through hoops just to show a public Facebook Fanpage. Once Facebook established their new API rules, things got a little wonky!

3) All I get is this after setting up the module;
FacebookFanPageUndefinedWhen you get this screen, the first, second or third 'Required Settings' are incorrect. Please check that your fanpage URL name is correct, that your Facebook Application ID is correct or that your Facebook Secret ID or Access Token is correct. If any one is worng, Facebook can not process your request and you will receive the above page output. As a reminder, the 'Facebook Fanpage URL Name' is not the entire Facebook fanpage URL, just the actual fanpage URL name. Example: The entire fanpage URL for Nike is; https://www.facebook.com/nike for this extension's setting option just use, nike

3) Facebook Fan Page was working but now... NOTHING! What gives?
When you registered your app with Facebook you received an app ID code, and a Secret ID code. With this (as explained in the documentations) you were able to generate two unique 'Access Token' codes, a Temporary & Permanent Access Token. The Temporary Access Token only lasts for about 60 minutes and then stops working. The Permanent Access Token last for about 60 days (2 months) and it too will stop working when it reaches it's time limit. In order to get Facebook Fan Page back working you MUST reset all of these codes or create a new app within your Facebook account and enter the new codes into the module settings. Sorry, these limitations are not mine nor the module code. As I mentioned above, with the new Facebook API rulesthings got a little wonky!


A big shout-out to Jake from Code Handling for his continued support and development of his Famax script.

NOTE: I purchased the 'Regular License' & 'Extended License' of Facebook Fan Page in order to offer it to you as a FREE Joomla extension. The core jQuery script is NOT open source and can not be reproduced into another website package (be that Joomla, WordPress, etc.) without purchasing your own license from the developer. If you use Facebook Fan Page on a commercial/production Joomla site, you can do so free of charge. However, I strongly request that you at the very lease purchase a 'Regular License' from the developer here. It's only $6.00 and will help the future development of the Facebook Fan Page core script. Thank You!

Facebook Fan Page v6.0 is using the latest Facebook API v2.8. With this, this extension should be workable for years to come... or until Facebook chooses to change their API requirements with or without notice!

Any time you use an extension that pulls data into your Joomla website from an outside source (i.e. Facebook), you are and will always be at their mercy to deliver the requested data in a timely manor. There are no guarantees that this extension or it's supporting scripts will perform this service based on environments beyond our control.

It is strongly recommended that you treat this module as if it was a component. For best results, Facebook Fan Page should reside inside your Joomla content area of your template. This can be done by crerating a new article and using the native Joomla 'loadposition' tag to have your module reside inside the content page you created. For more information about the Joomla 'loadposition' tag, Click here.

When pulling in Fan Pages that have a lot of HiRes videos and pictures you may find the page takes forever to load. If this is the case, reduce the number of posts you are calling-up on page load. The default setting is ten (10) so decrease this number as needed.

How to create your Facebook App

1. Login to Facebook Developers website.

2. From the "My Apps" drop down click on "Add a New App"

AppRegistration 01

3. Click on the Website option

AppRegistration 02

4. Type in a name for your app and click on "Create ..."

AppRegistration 03

5. Give it a category and click on "Create APP ID"

AppRegistration 04

6. Type in the name of your website and click "Next"

AppRegistration 05

7. Now Click on the "Skip to Developer Dashboard" link.

AppRegistration 06

8. Here you can find you App ID and App Secret

AppRegistration 07

5. How to make your App Secret worthless for hackers ;)

1. In your Facebook App, go to the left "Settings" tab and click on the "Advanced" link. Here you can see the "Update Settings IP Whitelist" field. Add your IP address here.Using this step, only the specified IP address will be able to make changes to your App settings. This means if someone finds your App Secret and tries to update your App settings, he won't be able to do it.

AppRegistration 08

2. Now, scroll down this page and make sure the button settings are as pictured.

AppRegistration 09

Once you have finished these steps you will need to have Facebook approve your App ID request. If at any time you receive an 'error in submission' notice, go back through your App ID process and correct / add / replace whatever Facebook is claiming is an error... Sorry folk, this is Facebook not GraphicAholic or the Fanpage module!

Once approved CLICK HERE to obtain your 'Permanent Access Token' code.

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