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InstAholic Lite v3.0.4 upgrade is now available and FREE!

With this upgrade InstAholic Lite can once again offer 'Squared resolution' image sizing dispite Instagram's latest API that took it away. Isn't code great!

With the increasing popularity of Instagram and now that their latest API has settled in, I'm bringing back InstAholic Lite. It's based on the jQuery script written by Michael Lynch and I've added a number of extra goodies. With the change in the new Instagram API you can no longer display images from hash tags or key search words (as was allowed in the past). Just a single Username feed based on the Access Token (required) you provide.

Using InstAholic Lite is as easy as downloading and installing into your Joomla website. Once installed go to the module's General Settings tab and enter your Instagram Access Token (instructions) into the option box. At this point you'll want to assign this module to a FULL WIDTH module position or use the Joomla native 'loadposition' tag inside a content page. Make sure to publish and assign this module to a working module position & menu... DONE! Instant Instagram gallery within your Joomla website. Now you'll want to go back to the InstAholic Lite module settings and fine tune the available module options to meet your needs.

*PLEASE NOTE: Instagram Lite allows you to show a total limit of 20 images based on the Instagram (Facebook) API restrictions.
*COMPATIBILITY: InstAholic Lite works with all 'MODERN, MOST CURRENT VERSION' web browsers. Until Microsoft's IE10+ or their Edge browser undergoes an upgrade to fully support HTML5 and CSS3, I do not consider these browsers as, MODERN! As such InstAholic Lite will not display properly using these outdated browsers.

Click for instructions on obtaining your Instagram Access Token

Change log:
Current release v3.0.4 (Code update to support 'Squared' Instagram images)
Current release v3.0.3 (Code update to support Instagram's latest API restrictions)
Upgrade release v3.0.2 (Bug fix displaying Instagram's video images)
Upgrade release v3.0.1 (Bug fix with Instagram's URL paths)
Initial release v3.0.0

InstAholic Lite Module Options

General Settings:
Instagram Access Token: (REQUIRED) Click onto this LINK to read how to obtain your Instagram Access Token.
Show Header Data?: Yes/No
Custom header data: If above is 'Yes' you can type in your custom header data (Optional).
Instagram username: If above is 'Yes' you can type in your Instagram Username that will link back to your Instagram account (Optional).
Lightbox Instagram images?: Yes/No - If 'Yes', images will open inside a lightbox when clicked.
Image resolution: Standard resolution or Squared resolution*.
  *Image height ratio: If you selected 'Squared resolution', this option will appear. This pixel setting will assist you in squaring up your Instagram image.
Display ratio size: Adjust lower (in pixel format) to have more images across each row on page load. Adjust higher (in pixel format) to show fewer images across each row on page load.
Margin gap between images: Adjust (in pixel format) left/right & top/bottom spacing you want between your images.
Images on page load?: Number of Instagram images & data to show on page load. Max=20 (this is an Instagram restriction).
Show Instagram videos?: Yes/No.
Show posted date: Yes/No.
Custom text before date: Enter text that will show before your posted date (Optional).
Show captions?: Yes/No.
Show cation scroll bar?: Yes/No.
Height of caption bar?: Adjust (in pixel format) the max height allowed for your caption area.
Caption text color: The color you want for your caption data to be.
Text color on hover: The color you want for your hashtags and links data to be.
Container font size: The font size you want for your caption data to be.
Background color: The color you want for your caption data to be.
Show Likes & Comments count?: Yes/No.

Lightbox Settings:
Load Lightbox Script?: Yes/No. InstAholic Lite is using the Fancybox 2 lightbox script. If you are using another extension that is also using Fancybox, you'll wnat to turn this setting to NO.
Lightbox max width: The max pixel width of the lightbox
Lightbox max height: The max pixel height of the lightbox
Lightbox width percentage: The width percentage of the lightbox. Note: 100% will equal the max pixel width setting above.
Lightbox height percentage: The height percentage of the lightbox. Note: 100% will equal the max pixel height setting above.
Lightbox effects: None, Fade or Elastic

InstAholic Lite Demo

Ed Hathaway's Instagram photos @kalasoft

    The settings used for this demo are; Lightbox Instagram images=Yes, Image resolution=Square resolution, Image height ratio=150px, Display ratio size=150px, Margin gap between images=15px, Images on page load=20, Show posted date=No, Show captions=No, Background color=white.

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