Instant ratings for your website
jRatingWidget makes it easy to have a Star or Thumbs (Up/Down) Rating System for your Joomla! website in minutes. All powered by rating-widget.com and your Joomla! website.

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jRatingWidget is a Joomla! plugin that creates a bridge between your Joomla! website and rating-widget.com to establish a full featured article Star or Thumbs (Up/Down) Rating System. Linking your site with rating-widget.com gives you detailed reports on how your articles rate with your visitors. jRatingWidget is easy to set-up and creating a full, free trail (7 days) account with rating-widget.com is even easier!

  • Rating-Widget.com is a subscription based service and is not associated in any way with GraphicAholic or Joomla! If their service meets your article rating needs, select and pay them for the subscription service you require. If not, let your free 7 day trail expire and un-install jRatingWidget. You're under no obligation! CLICK HERE for instructions on creating your rating-widget.com account.


There are a host of plugin options to choose from but the initial set-up is as simple as installing jRatingWidget, enable the plugin and enter your rating-widget.com account ID and Public Key into the plugin options. By just doing this, all of your Joomla! and K2 articles will utilize the rating-widget.com Rating system. From here you'll want to fine-tune the jRatingWidget plugin options to your specific needs. Below are all the plugin options currently available;

Plugin Settings:PluginSettings

RatingWidget ID: Enter your rating-widget.com account ID
RatingWidget key: Enter your rating-widget.com Public Key

Rating system:

  • Stars (Gold)
  • Stars (Green)
  • Stars (Red)
  • Stars (Blue)
  • Stars (Gray)
  • Smiley faces
  • Hearts
  • Coins
  • Bugs
  • Penguins
  • Users
  • Check marks
  • Coffee cups
  • Santa hats
  • Thumbs (Style 1)
  • Thumbs (Style 2)
  • Thumbs (Style 3)
  • Thumbs (Style 4)
  • Arrows (Style 1)
  • Arrows (Style 2)
  • Checkbox
  • Masks
  • Candles

Ratings size: Tiny, Small, Medium or Large
Rate this label position: Left or Right side
Rate this text direction: Left to right or Right to left
Show like thumbs: Yes or No
Show dislike thumbs: Yes or No


Article/Category Settings:ArticleCategorySetting

Show on Category blogs?: Yes or No
Position (Category blogs): Top or Bottom
Position (all other pages): Top or Bottom
Exclude Views:

  • None
  • Front Page
  • Category
  • Categories
  • K2Categories
  • Archive
  • Search
  • Other than Com_Content

Exclude categories: Select Categories not to show jRatingWidget
Exclude article id: Enter article ID to exclude (seperated by comma)



Rate this text color: Set font color
Rate this text background: Set background color
Rate this font size: Set Pixel vlaue
Rate this line height: Set pixel value
Rate this font weight: Normal or Bold
Rate this font italic: Yes or No







Rating 'Awful' text
Rating 'Poor' text
Rating 'Average' text
Rating 'Good' text
Rating 'Excellent' text
Rating 'Rate this' text
Rating 'Like' text
Rating 'Dislike' text
Rating 'Vote' text
Rating 'Votes' text
Rating 'Thank You' text
Rating 'out of' text
Rating 'We Recommend' text