justFlickr is an easy yet fully configurable jQuery Flickr Gallery module that retrieves albums and photos from any Flickr account and generates a photo gallery with Fancybox3 lightbox integration.

There is only two things you need to get started.

  1. A Flickr account (Free or Pro)
  2. A Flickr Username ID

For number 1, you are on your own to create, configure and populate a Flickr account with photos. Once you have a Flickr account and its populated with albums & photos, getting your Flickr Username ID (Number 2) is even easier! CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS. Get started by downloading justFlickr, it's supporting documentations and install and configure to your Joomla website demands.

justFlickr is 100% free to download with no 'Pro' version up-sell, no site to join and yes, GraphicAholic, offers support... just in case! Please enjoy and by all means, we always welcome your Joomla Extension Directory review/rating!

justFlickr Demo