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Pixabay Gallery upgrade to v1.1.0 is now available. This is a MUST install version since Pixabay now requires an API key.

So you ask, what is a Pixabay?

"On Pixabay you may find and share images free of copyrights. All pictures are released under Creative Commons CC0 into the public domain."

I've been a contributing photo member of Pixabay since 2012 and my photos have been used worldwide by people I will never meet. However knowing there is a service like Pixabay, never meeting someone does not mean we're not friends! Open Source projects like Joomla!, Pixabay, etc. have a unique way at doing this! Now for the fun stuff...

With Pixabay Gallery you can display any active users' gallery on your Joomla! website or use search word(s) and display photos using these search tags. With the release of v1.1.0, Pixabay now requires you to obtain and use their API Key to display galleries. It's really simple to get your own Pixabay API Key. Register as a new member or login with your current Pixabay creditionals. Once logged in, scroll to the very bottom of the home page and click onto the API menu link. You will be taken to their API page and by scrolling down this page a little you'll see your Pizabay API Key (highlighted in GREEN). Copy this code and paste in into the module option. Pixabay is committed to the service they provide and they currently boast hundreds of thousands registered users.

Getting Pixabay photos to display on your website could not be any easier then installing Pixabay Gallery, make a few module option adjustments, assign it to an active module position and menu, type in either an active Pixabay user name or use search word tags to display photos specific to your needs. This is all you need to do to get Pixabay Gallery up-and-running! From here there are a host of module options that will allow you to customize how you want Pixabay Gallery to been seen on your website.

Take Pixabay Gallery out for a pre JED release test-drive. DOWNLOAD


  • Include Scripts: [Yes | No] option. Selecting 'Yes' will load the Pixabay scripts on your Pixabay Gallery page. Selecting 'No' and the Pixabay scripts will not load. PLEASE NOTE: If you are only using one Pixabay Gallery on a single page, make sure the Include Scripts option is set to 'Yes'. If you are using two (2) or more Pixabay Gallery on a single page you only need to include the scripts within one of your Pixabay module options.
  • Enter YOUR Pixabay API Key: Paste your Pixabay API Key here. PLEASE NOTE: The API key provided by default will at some time expire. So, please get and enter your own!
  • Render photos from: Pixabay user name or Pixabay search tags
  • Editor Choice photos only: [Yes | No] option. Selecting 'Yes' will display only photos that have received the Pixabay Editor Choice award.
  • Data Max Rows: Enter how many gallery rows you want to display on page load.
  • Display on mouse click in: [New Window | Same Window]
  • Data Per Page: Max number of images to display on page load. Range 3 thru 100
  • Data Row Height: Max height of rows in pixels. Range is 30 thru 180 (play around with this setting!!!).
  • Data Order: Sort images by 'Popular' or 'Latest' option.
  • Data language: Select the language to want to see when you click onto an image.
  • Data Image Type: [Photo only | Illustration only | All] options
  • Data Safe Search: [Yes | No] option. If Yes, only images suitable for all ages will be returned.
  • Data truncate: [Yes | No] option. Yes will hide incomplete last row of images.
  • Data Nav Position: [Don't Display | Top Position | Bottom Position] options. Position of pagination links and branding.
  • Gallery branding: [Yes | No] option. If Yes, a new set of options become available that will allow you to custom brand your Pixabay gallery display.
  • Data Prev text: Dafault setting is [◄ PREV]. If you don't want to show this option, use an empty 'spacebar' character.
  • Data Next text: Dafault setting is [NEXT ►]. If you don't want to show this option, use an empty 'spacebar' character.

There are two (2) options here. 'Custom text above gallery' and 'Custom text below gallery'. These options will allow you to show custom text above/below your Pixabay Gallery. Supports basic HTML tags.