Upgrade version 1.0.2

New option feature and general code housekeeping

With Read More-PRO you'll be able to create an accordion Read More effect for your Joomla! articles. The native Joomla! Read More option is nice and does it's task quite well. However, it is a little clumsy on how it works based on how you configured and created your Joomla! website. Read More-PRO keeps all your article text on the same page showing 'some' of your article text and hides the rest based on how you configured the extension's setting. Giving you an attractive, functional Read More action button that will uncover all your text when clicked. This article is using Read More-PRO so, click the Read More button to read this entire Joomla! article. You'll want to click the Read More button if you want to know how Read More-PRO works and how it can work for you!

USAGE: When building a new article, download and install the Readmore-Pro editor button and with your cursor in the editor area, click onto this button. You will then see the text, Replace this with your own text! Follow these instructions and carry on. If you are attempting to use Readmore-Pro within existing articles, go into your text editor's source code and at the very top of your article's data code create a new line and copy/paste

<div class="article"> 

Now, at the very bottom of your article's data code create a new line and copy/paste


Finally Save or Save & Close this article. If everything goes as planned you will see Readmore-Pro working within this article on your website page.

Read More-PRO is 100% FREE to download, use on as many Joomla! websites you have and there are NO 'backlinks', 'Site registration' or 'Subscriptions to buy for downloads or support'. The author (Jed Foster) of the supporting 'readmore.js' script offers it as Open Source code so why would we even consider charging you for someone's coding talents! All we did was package it so you could use it within your Joomla! website. So, what's the catch? Absolutely nothing! However, if you find Read More-PRO a value to your Joomla! website, give it your personal review & rating. That's the ONLY payment we accept!