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Social Payment is one of those Joomla! 2.5 & 3.x extensions that bridges the gap between 'pay to see' or 'register to see' what you are promoting. With Social Payment your visitors will have access to your assigned link or URL as long as they post a social media message that you have pre-populated within the module settings. Once they post your message to either Twitter, Google+ or Facebook they will get access to the click-through link.

Social Payment can be used as a way to gain access to a download, read more article or any special item you wish to promote. There is no need for your visitors to pre-register or make a payment to gain access. All they need to do is send out a social media message that you created within the module settings. This now becomes a win-win exchange. Your visitors get what you are promoting and you get the social media exposure!

The module settings allow you to have all three social media outlets available to choose from or you can limit the selection to just one or two. Social Payment does not have a lot of options to pre-program. Just some basic requirements to fill-in and you are up and running! Social Payment is easy to use and a quick and effective way to promote your products.

'CLICK HERE' for the download ZIP package (don't forget to un-zip this package. It contains both the Joomla 2.5 and 3.x releases) or follow the demo below.

Below is a working demo of Social Payment. Click the link above for the direct download link or take Social Payment for a test drive by using this demo. The choice is yours and is not intended to trick or deceive you as some have stated or feel...

Social Payment is 100% FREE to use, abuse and enjoy