WeatherAholic Joomla! 3 Module

v1.4.4 Upgrade just released!

Version 1.4.4 is an 'Open Weather Map API' feed upgrade. Strongly suggest upgrading to this new release!

  • 100% FREE!

  • No site registration just to download extension!

  • Will never use or sell your personal data... because we don't ask for it!.

  • Works with all Joomla! 3.x templates. Not just the developers.

  • No up-sell or PRO version to buy to get all the available option.

  • Lots of options. Customize to your demanding website needs.

  • No back links or developer branding.

  •  5 different ways to display your weather.

  •  Supports Farenheit or Celcius.

  •  2 different weather channels to pull from.

  • Sleek modern flat styling... it's all the rage!

  • Totally responsive design and you can have as many on a page as you need

WeatherAholic is a stand alone Joomal! 3.x module by GraphicAholic and is and will always be... 100% FREE!

Please note: WeatherAholic is getting it's display data from one or two sources (Yahoo Weather and/or Open Weather). All files & scripts are coded based on the lastest API commands from these two sources. At no time does WeatherAholic, GraphicAholic or the programmers make claims or guarantee the accuracy of any and/or all rendered data generated by WeatherAholic via any of the sources used. In addition, feed data from these sources may stop working at any time. We have no control over what these sources can or are willing to render. 

Open Weather API 'NOW' supports free APIs for SSL (https) websites. You can go back using this feed option with their registered API. Please consult documentations on how to obtain your Open Weather Map API code.


  • Thanks to all the RC & Beta testers and your outstanding suggestions!
  • Thanks to for the insperation and open source code. Both the Script & CSS code were modified for this Joomla! module installation.
  • Thanks to Václav C. & Nguyễn D. for their outstanding v1.3.0 suggestions & testing.
  • Thanks to Rob W. for his coding assistance with the Country language bug fix. 

Screen shots of all five available layouts:

WeatherAholic Layouts

Jooma4Ready 04