Obtaining your Instagram Access Token

You can obtain your personal Instagram account Access Token two ways, the easy way or the not so easy way. The easy way is to copy the link below and paste it into your browser's address bar;


When you get to this link click the light green button 'Generate Access Token'. The next screen will ask you to sign into your Instagram account. The third screen will display your personal Instagram access Access Token. Copy the ENTIRE code (your displayed Access Token is truncated so make sure your copy it all)  and paste it into the GalleryAholic, InstAholic Lite or InstAholic PLUS module option box. DONE!

To obtain your Access Token the 'not so easy way' follow the outline steps below; 

STEP ONE: How To Create an API Client
1) Login to Instagram and go to https://instagram.com/developer/
2) Click "Manage Clients", then click "Register New Client". Both located on the upper right corner for the page.
3) Fill out the form. In the "Details" tab, make sure you fill out the "Application name" and "Valid redirect URIs".
4) In the "Security" tab, un-check "Disable implicit Oauth"
5) Fill out all other required fields and click "Register"
6) Once registered, it will give you a "Client ID"

STEP TWO: How To Get Your API Client Access Token:
1) Go to the following URL: https://www.instagram.com/oauth/authorize/?client_id=CLIENT_ID&redirect_uri=https://REDIRECT_URI&response_type=token
2) Replace 'CLIENT_ID' and 'REDIRECT_URL' with your own and go to that URL.
3) This will redirect you to your REDIRECT_URI. Click onto the green Authorize button.
4) You will see your access token in your browser's address bar. It looks like https://yourdomain.com/instagram_uri.php#access_token=xxx.yyy.zzz

You might still have to do the following:
1) Locate your API Client and click "Edit".
2) Click the "Migrations" tab and check the box that says "Non square media".
3) Click "Update Client".

Your Instagram API Client registration has a shelf-life and Instagram will disable it after a period of time. It is uncertain what this time-line is so check your Instagram GalleryAholic, InstAholic Lite or InstAholic PLUS feed often. If GalleryAholic, InstAholic Lite or InstAholic PLUS stops rendering your Instagram feed, it's time to create a new API Client to update your Access Token!