Joomla Bamboo's Build.r Template Package

For the past week or so I've had the incredible opportunity to test-drive Joomla Bamboo's latest template package called Build.r. I'm calling this a template package because with Build.r you are not getting just a single theme with only a few color variations or design layouts that we have come to expect from our Joomla theme providers... You are getting a complete Joomla 'building block' template package loaded with features, options and variety!

For starters, Build.r comes prepackaged with not one, two or three different template designs but seven totally different, totally unique and totally creative design layouts. All offering their own separate design features giving you all the Joomla template building blocks you'll ever need or want to create your client's one of a kind website. Gone will be the days when your Joomla installation had multiple installed templates because one layout just did not meet your specific needs. With Joomla Bamboo's Build.r template package you can mix and match any or all of the seven different prepackaged themes. Oh, need I mention that by using Build.r as your base template, switching between the different prepackaged themes is as easy as clicking a few buttons. The best part is, no module positions to change since Build.r is built on Joomla Bamboo's latest Zen Grid Framework v4 and with this, all of your modules can share positions between the different prepackages themes. What a time saver this alone will be!

If you have been around the Joomla Bamboo family of templates the names of the seven different template designs will sound familiar; Base4, Koan, Responsive, Revision, Standard, Xero and Zenbase. All or these excellent themes have been offered as individual templates by Joomla Bamboo and now they all live in a single package called Build.r. If you are into music but hate buying an artists latest CD just for one or two songs generally you'll wait for their greatest hits release. Build.r is (in my option), Joomla Bamboo's 'Greatest Hits' template package!

If you needed or wanted all of these individual themes installed into a single Joomla installation you would be adding megabytes upon megabytes of data to your website. Because all these themes are prepackages and share a great deal of common code, the overhead becomes a much smaller data footprint. And as mentioned above, the time you save from not having to reassign all your module positions is a major advantage.

Probably the biggest news about Joomla Bamboo's Build.r theme package will be the release of their latest Zen Grid Framework v4. I'm not going to spend a great deal of time detailing what is new under the hood (I'll leave that to the experts...) other then to say, WOW! The many changes and ease of use you'll experience are quite impressive. The biggest change and improvement is the framework's Layout tab. Every conceivable layout feature and option has been well planned out with the end-user in mind. When you bring together an impressive newly coded framework with seven unique theme designs all in one package, Joomla Bamboo's Build.r will set new Joomla template standards. But, that should not come to a surprise. Joomla Bamboo has been setting Joomla template standards for many years past and now into the future.

Once Build.r is officially released, take a hard look at what you'll be getting. Seven totally unique templates wrapped into one tight package. With other template providers you would have to wait seven long months to get what Build.r will give you in one single release. Impressive!

Ed Hathaway
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