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With the release of WeatherAholic v1.3.5, a host of brand new features and options are packaged into this weather display/forecasting Joomla 3 module. The best part, WeatherAholic v1.3.5 is still 100% totally FREE! So lets get under the bonnet and see what WeatherAholic has to offer...

First, all the original features & options found in the initial release (v1.1.0) are still available with one exception... they are better! Better to use, manage and customize. In addition, WeatherAholic v1.3.5 has been through an extensive series testing to elimate those nagging pesky bugs that keep cropping up. Is this to say WeatherAholic is completely bug free? NO! It is to say that all KNOWN bugs have been addressed and fixed. If you encounter an issue or bug, please YELL at me (but not to loud...) so I can address your issues. There are some known ISSUES with WeatherAholic that only the two weather sources being used (Yahoo or Open Weather) can fix, if they choose to!  I have found that Yahoo Weather does not always know the correct sunrise/senset time and with some locations part of the reporting times are chopped off. Both Yahoo Weather and Open Weather feeds are not always 100% correct with their reporting. They can be two to three degrees off with their current and forecasted temptures compared to your local weather channel. But hey, what's a few degrees among friends!

WeatherAholic v1.3.5 has about 10 new options not found in earlier releases. Quite frankly, WeatherAholic v1.3.5 offers far more then 10 new options compared to it's commercial counterparts. That has to leave you asking, WHY? Why would a FREE Joomla 3 extension offer more features than it's commercial counterpart? Good question to ask them if you made the purchased. With this in mind, if all of WeatherAholic's new features start to show up in those commercial release, well, we know where they came from! (#justsaying) Two key upgrades, 1) the ability to independently set the days of the weeks forecast language to your native tongue and have different days of the week languages on duplicate WeatherAholic modules on the same page (thanks to Robert Went for helping code this option). 2) the 12 or 24 hour timestamp you can select from. Add this to an array of other new features and WeatherAholic has to be your only Joomla 3 weather extension choice. It's up to you... buy a Joomla 3 weather extension from a commercial vendor or download and use a feature rich FREE extension from GraphicAholic. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain! Oh, there is a fee associated with WeatherAholic (ok, here comes the catch...). All I ask in exchange is your personal review on WeatherAholic's JED page to let everyone know your feelings about this extension and how you use WeatherAholic on your website. Fair trade!

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