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GraphicAholic is now offering limited Email support for all my available extension. For a number of years I have not offered or provided direct public support for any of GraphicAholic’s Joomla extensions. That is not to say, "I never give support". It is to say, if someone took the time to seek me out, they got my undivided help! Please understand… support is very time consuming and expensive! I spend hundreds of hours building a Joomla extension, offering many for free and full-time support just did not fit into my timeline demands. When I did do full-time support for my extensions I found myself re-building or re-coding a large number of Joomla sites because of another installed poorly written extension or template.

Believe me, I’m not the world’s greatest Joomla programmer… far from it. With this I make 100% sure ALL my extensions follow the Joomla rule book! I do not nor will not write code to by-pass Joomla’s rules just to make an extension work. I do not nor will not break Joomla's core code with overrides or exotic scripts just because… Joomla's developers have and will continue to lay-down policies and guidelines on what extension and template developers should and should not do regarding their code construction. Why should I attempt to re-write their rules because I'm too lazy to do it the 'right way'.

Having said this, my 'Support Desk' is now open for business again with a few of MY guidelines needing to be followed. They are;

  1. Do your homework first before knocking on my door. Follow the 'proper' Joomla instructions on installing and using a module and my extension instructions. Still does not work, then send an Email.
  2. If my extension is not doing what you want it to do or need specific to your Joomla install, send an Email as a suggestion not a demand!
  3. If my extension won’t work with your Joomla configuration, use the native Joomla frontend template with only my extension active on it as a new menu option. If it's still not working, send me an Email. When you send an Email specific to this issue, make sure to keep this menu set-up active so I can do some research.
  4. If you are not willing to do some of your own homework before or after sending me an Email and looking (hoping) that I'll fix your installation problem, please UNINSTALL my extension and we'll part friends.


The long and short of this, I’m here to help you get my extension up and running on your install providing we have a clear understanding what the deal is. All my extensions are FREE and I value my available time, as do you. A great deal of time goes into developing, testing and re-testing many different Joomla configurations with my extensions. However, many of my extensions are what they are today because users like you took the time to seek me out and offer suggestions. So, shoot me your Email and let’s get to work!

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