Facebook Fan Page Upgrade

If you are currently using my Facebook Fan Page v5 extension, you have already received an email from Facebook announcing that their API v2.2 will reach its end-of-life on March 27, 2017. So, what does that mean and how does it effect you?

It means that Facebook Fan Page v5 will no longer work since it is not compatible with Facebook’s newest API v2.8. If you choose not to upgrade to the latest release of Facebook Fan Page v6, your current install will stop working. Since the latest upgrade to v6 is currently available to download for FREE, there is no reason not to upgrade.

With this newest upgrade, the entire code has been re-worked to support Facebook’s API v2.8 and many of the latest Joomla 3 advancements. By just installing this upgrade your current Facebook App ID & Access Token configuration will work. That is until March 27, 2017! You are required to upgrade these two Facebook settings in order for Facebook Fan Page v6 to continue to function past March 27th.

Obtaining these new settings is the same way you originally obtained them. With one small exception… you can’t UPGRADE an existing registered Facebook App. You will be required to register a NEW Facebook App that will allow you to generate the Facebook API v2.8 App ID and a new Access Token key. Once you have obtained these new REQUIRED settings, copy/paste them into Facebook Fan Page v6 and you’ll be good to go! OH, one small exception… as I mentioned above, all of the core code is brand new. You will want to go through all the available module settings and customize your version of Facebook Fan Page.

With this new upgrade, I have re-opened the support option of this Joomla 3 module. Now remember, Facebook Fan Page v6 will not work, out-of-the-box. You are required to obtain your own Facebook API keys before anything will work. If you ring my support door bell and I find out that your API keys are incorrect, you will get a pleasant reply from me stating your settings are wrong. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Facebook API v2.8 keys are correct not mine or this module.

A great deal of time and effort has gone into this FREE module & upgrade. It will work with the correct Facebook API v2.8 settings and is currently being used on countless Joomla 3 production sites. Please, if you are unwilling to invest the required time it will take to correctly obtain your own Facebook API v2.8 keys than uninstall Facebook Fan Page and move on!