GalleryAholic Upgrade


GalleryAholic upgraded to v1.5.5. With this release, GalleryAholic is now 100% compatible with YOOtheme's 1.4.3+ template/framework. There was a scripting conflict between their framework and GalleryAholic's code. After spending several days attempting to 'override' some of their framework code, I realized that the good people of YOOtheme did not write their framework code just to break GalleryAholic! Once I came to this epiphany I began field stripping GalleryAholic's code to find and fix the conflict. The good news is the code adjustments I made within GalleryAholic did not disrupt any of it's functionallity (other than getting it to play nice with YOOtheme's 1.4.3+ template/framework). So, if you stopped using GalleryAholic because your YOOtheme 1.4.3+ template/framework install broke my code... come on back, the Fix is in with this upgrade!