Using Google Photos within Responsive Photo Gallery and GalleryAholic

  1. Upload photos to your Google Photo account. Once completed go to your Google+ account.
  2. Click onto the ‘What’s new to you?’ box.
  3. Type in a gallery title in the pop-up ‘What’s new to you?’ and click onto the camera icon.
  4. Pick & choose what Google Photos you wish to add into this gallery and click onto ‘DONE’.
  5. Click the ‘POST’ button. This will post this gallery onto your Google+ timeline.
  6. Now, once you see this post on your timeline, click onto any of that galleries photo. This will display that selected photo on your screen. Up in your browser address bar will be the URL containing your Google+ Username/Number (right after photos/) and the Google+ Album Number (right after albums/).


Yellow=Google+ User Name/Number
Turquoise=Album Number

It’s a fairly simple process and one that I’ll support in Responsive Photo Gallery & GalleryAholic. Why? Because the process of obtaining a Google Photo API and the many settings you need to go through to get your authorize key/secret key code is far more complicated than the above workaround.