GalleryAholic v1.5.6 Upgrade

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GalleryAholic has been upgraded to v1.5.6 with fifteen (15) Special Effects when you scroll up or down your gallery page. In addition there are three (3) supporting option to customize how each special effects works and functions. Please note there is no 'smartphone' support for these effects, so, please don't ask or complain! The fifteen (15) different special effects are, Fade In Down, Fade In Left, Fade In Right, Pulse, Shake, Wobble, Bounce In, Flip In X, Flip In Y, Rotate In, Roll In, Zoom In, Zoom In Down, & Slide In Down. All of the special effects will function with all five (5) of the photo rendering options (Joomla Folder, Joomla Category, Flickr, Google+ & Instagram).

I have noticed that other Joomla gallery extension offer some sort of image/photo special effects but all only offer it as you scroll down the page. With GalleryAholic's special effects, it's a two way street. These special effects create their magic as you scroll down and scroll up! The three (3) supporting options are, Static image time, Delay image time and Delay offset. The default setting for these three (3) options should be enough to get you underway. However, based on the PRO template you are using, you may need to adjust the Delay offset setting quite a lot (supports negative values with a leading minus). Sorry but when some PRO templates start to take unwelcomed control over the Joomla! CMS with abrasive overrides, extension developers have to combat these actions with additional code. Last time I checked, the Joomla! CMS is not Wordpress!