Google Calendar Feed Scroller Upgrade

GCFS 500px

I just recently upgraded Google Calendar Feed Scroller to version 2.1.0. For some time now I have been receiving emails stating that gCalendar Feed just was not rendering the language translation that the user wanted or expected. They had gCalendar Feed configured properly with a different Language Pack yet continued to see their feed's month/day text in English. Even after explaining that the Language Pack feature will not always render the selected language because of host server location, what browser is being used or what IP or ISP they or their clients were coming from. It's very frustrating trying to tell someone that the Language Pack option can be a 'crap-shoot' and sometimes you roll snake-eyes!

With the release of version 2.1.0, the guess work of what language month/day text you wish to display is over with. A new module 'Language Code' option has been added that when used in conjunction with a Language Pack will force gCalendar Feed to render your language of choice, regardless...

The release of version 2.1.0 is a feature, 'push-through' release. There will be another upgrade release due out soon with all new scrolling features and options so, stay tuned!