Goodbye Flickr. . .

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On April 24, 2018 I received an email from Flickr (Yahoo's photo sharing portal) letting me know that Smugmug ( has purchased the Flickr property from Yahoo. This did not come to a big surprise since Yahoo has been selling off all of their quality property for well over two years. The only surprise was... why did it take so long?

For all of us Flickr premium and free account holders we have until May 25, 2018 to cancel/delete our Flickr account. If we choose not to delete our Flickr account it will automatically be ported over to Smugmug. The $64,000 question is, "is this good or bad?" Well, I believe had Smugmug not purchased Flickr, Flickr would have stopped opening it's front .com door in the coming months. I'm almost 100% convienced this move over time will intergrade Flickr into the Smugmug framework, layout and design leaving only memories of what Flickr could have been under better Yahoo management. Now, here is the really bad news... from all that I could find, Smugmug does not offer a free photosharing account you can sign-up for. Smugmug's 'basic' membership plan starts at $3.99 if you pay for 12 months in advance ($47.88) which is almost half more than what Flickr's annual membership fee was. Smugmug's membership does give you unlimited download space where Flickr only gave you 1 terabyte of space. As a Flickr premium member I have never, ever come close to my allotted 1 terabyte of space and I'm an amateur photographer!

In closing, what does the Flickr/Smugmug future hold... I have no clue! For me personally, I can't justify Sumgmug's $47.88 'basic' membership plan. Not with so many other reasonabelly priced photo sharing services out there. With this news I will be re-coding my Joomla extensions GraphicAholic, Simple Flickr Slideshow, Flickr Photobar and Responsive Photo Gallery in the very near future and dropping their Flickr access option In addition, I will be cancelling the release of my module justFlickr. Thank you Yahoo for giving us Flickr. Flickr set such a high benchmark that even Yahoo could not compete with!