Joomla 4 Alpha 3 Release

In keeping with the Joomla 4 developers request that extension developers test their inventory during these pre-releases, below is a list of GraphicAholic's extensions and their testing results. The vast majority of my offered extensions work with Joomla 4 out-of-the-box. A couple will need minor adjustments before deemed Joomla 4 Ready while four do not work within Joomla 4 as currently coded. A couple (InstAholic PLUS and Google Calendar Feed Scroller) seem to be minor fixes (hopefully) HOWEVER, GalleryAholic & Responsive Photo Gallery do not work at all and look to be total re-writes for them to be Joomla 4 Ready.

EXTENSION Works with Joonla 4 Alpha 3 NOTES
PopUp Aholic  
 InstAholic PLUS  
InstAholic Lite  
InstAholic Deluxe This is a 'paid client only' extension
 MarqueeAholic Will require minor default module settings adjustments
 Facebook Fan Page  
 Google Calendar Feed Scroller  
 Pixabay Gallery  
 Facebook Photo Album  
Age Checker PRO  
Peek-A-Boo Needs default image path adjustments
Flyout Tabs Needs PHP version adjustments
Simple Flickr Slideshow  
GalleryAholic Will require a total Jooma 4 re-write
Responsive Photo Gallery Will require a total Jooma 4 re-write