Support Payment Information

If you require my fee based support because your time-line is tight or you just can't navigate your way around Joomla and my extension(s), I'm here to assist. This fee based support has some limitations, restrictions and there are some basic guidelines to understand. First, the base support fee starts at $50.00 and can go up depending on your specific needs. Your needs can range anywhere from, "I just can't and I need your assistance" to "I need custom coding of an extension(s) you offer". Just so we completely understand, no project will be started until you agree to the fee structure I provide (based on your detailed instructions) and your payment is received. All payments will be transfered between your PayPal account to mine. Once I receive notification from PayPal that your payment has been received, work will begin based on your instructions. Almost all fee based support requests can be completed within the minimum $50.00 price point. There may be occasions where a higher fee is requested specific to your instructions and this will be communicated to you ahead of time. No one likes surprises especially when it comes to money!

Guidelines & Restrictions:

  • Once a fee has been established and agreed to, I will provide you with my PayPay account name for your money transfer (no other financial transactions methods are available).
  • Whatever fee is established and agreed to, I will not come back asking for more money unless your instructions and/or needs have changed since our initial conversation.
  • If your PayPal payment is transfered to me and I'm unable to resolve your specific requirements, a full refund will be issued back to you. All code adjustments will be reverted back to their original state and we part company as friends knowing that every effort was undertaken to satisfy your needs/requirements.
  • All fee based support requests will be handled with the highest priority. Throughout your fee based support, I will communicate to you throughout the project until completion.
  • If you require custom coding to my extension(s) you will have the option to purchase an exclusive six (6) month license for an additional $50.00. This license guarantees that you own the custom code for six (6) months and it can not appear in any released extension upgrade until said license expires. If you choose not to purchase an exclusive six (6) months license, I reserve the right to include the custom code into any future upgrade release of my choice.
  • All completed transactions and tasks are final. If any additional work is required, an additional fee structure will be established to forfill your request(s).

In closing, please be respectful in your demands. Yes, you are paying for your requests to be completed but sometimes things take a little longer to finish. Everyone's time has a value and for a fee based support minimum of only $50.00, you have my commitment that I'll do my very best to meet your needs but... you don't own my time!